Trioxytex 50



50 mg/tablet

5 Blister x 14

70 Tablets

It has a high anabolic and androgenic effect, capable of rapid and noticeable increases in weight by mechanisms independent of RA, which makes it a Class II AAS, so it should be mixed with another class I. Oxymetholone does not aromatize but worsens estrogenic effects, so it causes gynecomastia and should be mixed with an antiprogestogen like winstrol

Dosage 50 to 200 mg daily divided into several doses

It is very hepatotoxic (as much or more than fluoxymesterone) and its use should be limited to 4 or 6 weeks maximum

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Presented most commonly as a 50 mg tablet, oxymetholone has been said to be one of the “strongest” and “most powerful” AAS available for medical use. Similarly, there is a risk of side effects. Oxymetholone is highly effective in promoting extensive gains in body mass, mostly by greatly improving protein synthesis. For this reason, it is often used by bodybuilders and athletes.


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