Stenotex 50



50 mg/ml

5 amp x 1ml

Stanozolol is a reduced alpha 5 compound, which breaks the double bond between C4 and 5, necessary for the action of aromatase, has no estrogenic effect, moreover, it is a competitive inhibitor of progesterone, which allows it to act as an antiestrogenic . As it does not have the group keto 3 it has little androgenic power. It is used in the definition cycle as a compound of DHT because of the muscular hardness it generates, but it causes prostatic hypertrophy, baldness and acne. Its metabolites are esterified, which is why it tests positive for antidoping until 2 to 5 months after abandoning its use Dosage 50-100 mg per day, half-life of 24 hours

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Stenotex – 50 is ideal to improve muscle growth, red blood cell production, increase bone density.
Stanozolol inyectable


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