Package- each tablet 5mg (1000 tabs)
Active substance-methandienone

The most effective way to implement Dianabol into your program is to introduce it immediately upon beginning your cycle of injections. By using an oral, such as dianabol in this case, results can be seen almost immediately, while injections of Eq or Deca take considerably longer to produce the desired effect. By taking Dbol orally, noticeable results can be achieved within the first week, as the nature of the drug is to produce immediate results. This will allow progress to continue through the cycle of injections. Typically, 25-50 mgs of dinabol is used for the first several weeks of the cycle, although as much as 100 mgs and a little as 20 mgs have been shown to be effective. This particular strategy should be maintained for three to four weeks before discontinuing the use of orals to allow the injections to begin producing the desired result



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